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Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel provides legal counsel and representation for Butler University on the broad range of legal matters affecting the University. The Office works closely with the Board of Trustees, President, administrators, faculty, and staff in their official capacities to accomplish their institutional objectives. The office of the General Counsel also oversees contract management, risk management, and regulatory support.

Comprised of General Counsel Claire Aigotti and Assistant General Counsel, Butler University’s Office of General Counsel offers legal advice to foster sound decision-making in all areas of operation, instruction, research, and administration. We are committed to providing the highest quality legal services in a responsible, helpful and timely manner; to protecting and promoting the values and interests of the University, including compliance with its obligations; minimizing legal risks and costs; and addressing and resolving legal disputes.

Communications with Office of the General Counsel attorneys on behalf of Butler University are ordinarily protected by attorney-client privilege and are confidential. The office of the General Counsel does not provide personal legal advice to employees or students.

Should you receive any legal document or notice relating to University business—such as a subpoena, a complaint, a hearing notice, or any document or notice pertaining to a legal proceeding—please forward it to our office immediately.

Please note the materials presented here are for informational purposes only. Nothing contained herein may be construed as legal advice from the Office of the General Counsel. Users should consult with a lawyer when considering a matter with legal implications.